jdroachphotography.com: How to Buy

Current Purchasing Options:

Fine Art America is a resource I use for showing some of my quality images and making them available for purchase by interested customers. When you cut and past the browser address below to my Gallery at Fine Art America you can see some of my best work. There you can purchase prints, framed and matted images (canvas, metal, etc.) as well as products that you can us (towels, sheets, tote bags, camera cases, etc.) that include the image of your choice from my collection. There are a lot of fun opportunities!

If you are interested in purchasing images, they may be purchased in a few ways:

First, typically my work can be very easily purchased at Fine Art America (http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/6-john-roach.html).

NOTE: Only some of my best images are listed at Fine Art America. However, if you see an image on this website that interests you that is not listed at Fine Art America, contact me and I will add it to my Fine Art America gallery collection.

Second, therefore the methods to make a purchase and/or contact me are as follows:

1. Go to Fine Art America: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/6-john-roach.html (copy and past the link into your browser).

2. Or visit my website tab above titled "Links" and click on the top link titled "Art for Sale - Fine Art America" (then you will be taken directly to my Fine Art America Gallery).

3. Or use the "Contact John Roach" tab on this website describing what image interests you. When I receive your message, I will add the image to my Fine Art America Gallery and notify you that you can visit that site and make your purchase.

4. Alternatively, you can send a secure email to john@jdroachphotography.com or to jdroach2017@gmail.com. I will be glad to review with you all your purchase requests.

I look forward to your business.